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>>> Starting this fall, B-Max car production will be replaced with EcoSport

By Andra Beltz

Ford announced that due to B-segment dynamics, the company plans to stop the production of the B-MAX at the Craiova plant from the beginning of September.

The company also announces that over 500 new employees will be recruited to support the needs of the Vehicle Production area. These are added to the 976 employees already announced in April and to the 200 additional operators required for E ... Read more »

| | Date: 24 July 2017 |

By Edwig Ban

Marian Popa, head of the Bucharest IT Center of DB Global Technology, the software division of Germany's most important bank, Deutsche Bank, has made one of the most important predictions for Romania: the IT & C sector will reach 12% of GDP in 2025, From 6% as it is at this time. 'Romania will become Silicon Country in the coming years and has all the conditions to turn the IT sector into the steel column of the economy,' says Popa.

At present, Romania has about 150,000 employees in IT, which produce 6% of GDP, or 10 billion euros out of 170 billion euros, the GDP of Romania. The IT & C sector has reached the same share in GDP as agric ... Read more »

| | Date: 23 July 2017 |

>>>Romania are among the EU Member States with the lowest level of government debt

By Andra Beltz

Romania falls to the deficit target in 2017 and 3.2% of GDP released on Thursday by Eurostat was calculated on the basis of the seasonally adjusted ESA balance, and relative to GDP in Q1. In the first quarter GDP usually shows the lowest nominal value, says a press release issued by the Ministry of Public Finance (MFP), on Friday.

"Regarding the Eurostat Commun ... Read more »

| | Date: 22 July 2017 |

>>>OMV Petrom announces signing the contract for the sale of the Dorobantu Wind Park >>>The transaction is part of the OMV Petrom strategy to focus on core activities

By Jerom Bolt

OMV Petrom, the largest oil and gas producer in Southeastern Europe, has signed the contract for the sale of OMV Petrom Wind Power SRL (“Dorobantu Wind Park”) to Transeastern Power B.V. – a limited liability company registered in the Netherlands, a wholly owned subsidiary of Transeastern Power Trust, for an amount of EUR 23 mn. ... Read more »

| | Date: 20 July 2017 |

>>>Bucharest Stock Exchange and Warsaw Stock Exchange are the only two CEE markets with successful IPOs in Q2 2017 >>>Six IPOs on the Polish market, two IPOs on the Romanian market

By Edwig Ban

Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB) is the second capital market in Central and Eastern Europe where initial public offers (IPOs) were successfully concluded in the second quarter of this year, with a total value of more than EUR 208 mn, according to BVB data. Warsaw Stock Exchange is on the first place, with six IPOs in Q2 2017 and a total val ... Read more »

| | Date: 20 July 2017 |

By Constantin Radut

The Memorandum on the vertical gas corridor was signed at the headquarters of the Romanian company Transgaz SA. Participants were representatives of Greek gas carriers (DESFA), Bulgaria (Bulgartransgaz), Hungary (FGSZ) and ICGB, the company that develops the interconnection between Greece and Bulgaria. The vertical gas corridor will link the natural gas transmission systems in Romania, Hungary, Austria, Bulgaria and Greece, according to a press release issued by the company to the Bucharest Stock Exchange (BVB).

According to the representatives of the company, the signing of this memorandum i ... Read more »

| | Date: 19 July 2017 |

By Theo Moreni

International credit agencies are showing projections close to the estimates in the Romanian Government programme, according to the Social Democratic Party (PSD), major at rule.

'PSD is delighted to see that international credit rating agencies have adjusted their projections on Romania and are now showing figures that are very close to the estimates in the government programme. This week, American agency Fitch has upgraded its outlook on Romania's economic growth in 2017 from a previous 4.8 percent to 5.1 percent in June, mainly because of a significant H1 increase in the Gross Domesti ... Read more »

| | Date: 18 July 2017 |

By rbj

A funding contract worth 41.4 million euros of European funds has been signed by Romania's Minister-delegate for European Funds Rovana Plumb with Minister of Research and Innovation Lucian Georgescu and head of the ANELIS PLUS Association of Romania's Universities, R&D Institutes and Central University Libraries Gheorghe Popa, according to a press statement by the Ministry of Regional Development, Public Administration and European Funds (MDRAPFE) released on Tuesday.

"The project is designed to secure access to international scientific bases and increase the involvement of the Romanian research community in inte ... Read more »

| | Date: 18 July 2017 |

By Emea Riga

Recently, the European Commission has selected the consortium to provide technical support for the business critical system used in building the budget of the European Union. The Romanian IT company, SIVECO is partner in the consortium together with Infeurope SA, from Luxembourg. The value of the contract is 664.620 Eur over 4 years.

The European Union Budget is an official document of the European Union published by the Publications Office once per year. It contains a detailed itemization of budgeted revenues and expenditures for the year in question with a series of data presented in a pre-defined stru ... Read more »

| | Date: 18 July 2017 |

By Andra Beltz

After a meeting of the ruling coalition on Monday, Prime Minister Mihai Tudose announced that the government will not levy taxes on business turnovers, mentioning that other avenues will be sought so that the business players "who think they are smarter than the government will no longer be so."

"We will not levy taxes on business turnovers. I have hurried a little and told you while in Brussels that I saw the simulations and decided the taxes cannot be implemented. I made the decision based on talks with and materials from Finance Minister Ionut Misa. We made the decision as we were flying to Brussel ... Read more »

| | Date: 17 July 2017 |

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